Ever asked someone to re-take a picture because you didn’t like how it turned out?
Take care of that issue by having your own personal photo shoot!

There are plenty of reasons to get a professional portait done. Maybe it is your Senior year
of high school and you don’t want the same boring yearbook picture. Perhaps it’s the
family Holiday card, or even a photo of the kids for Mother’s Day.

Pictures will be posted to a password protected website for your review. You can then
order prints and photo gifts online and have them delivered to your home, or the home
of friends and loved ones, all at prices as low as if you had printed them yourself.

Photo sessions last one (1) hour of shooting. We will decide on the location, the wardrobe
and the mood. It can be serious, sentimental or just plain fun. For more information and
availability you can Contact Us at:

ryan@rmcphotographs.com or by calling 314.322.5969

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Ryan Casey